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I feel like I’m living in a constant loop. I seem to always find myself back in this same place. Starting this whole journey again. Whether it’s a brand new blog (If only you knew the amount of times I’ve scrapped this website and started again with a whole redesign) or taking beginner tutorials again, it’s all just getting out of hand and If I’m very honest I don’t think I’ve actually progressed as a developer since I started this journey back in 2018.

I’ve promised myself that this time is the last time. No more resets. No more resurrections (cheeky Avengers reference there). It’s either I build momentum or I don’t, but it’s not sustainable constantly starting from scratch.

So what do I have to do?

  1. Write a blog post - Minimum once a week and a combination of both technical and personal posts.

  2. Immerse myself in software development - I want to build up some opinions about code and the way we create software and in order to do that I need to surround myself in as much conversation and read as much as I can. This will also include meetups and conferences.

  3. Teach - The best way to learn is to teach. This will be both achieved by mentoring formally and also via my technical blog posts.

  4. Take care of myself - It would be an understatement to say that I’m not the most healthy person on the planet. Recently I have moved forward with a passive attitude towards my physical health and that has obviously impacted me in many areas including my work. The plan is to have a healthy sleep regime alongside some light daily exercise and a diet that doesn’t include Mcdonald’s everyday.

  5. Always be building - There’s no way anything is going to stick or I’m going to see the development I want to see without constantly applying what I learn or what I want to learn. This will be a mixture of both small projects to help hammer home a concept to big full stack projects (probably not too often though) and as always documenting everything as I go.

  6. Constant evaluation - A big reason why I always end up in “Here” is because I’m not evaluating myself enough. I leave it until the end of the year and I look back and see that I haven’t achieved close to what I want. The more often I evaluate myself the quicker I can stop myself from drifting away the path set.

This blog is an opportunity to show myself that I deserve to be in this space and to help silence my imposter syndrome. In the situation that this isn’t the career path I’m supposed to be on then that’s ok - If I have implemented the above and I’ve been consistent with it all then at least I can say I gave it my full effort.