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Happy new year!

Hi Derek, to say that I’m happy to see the back of 2022 would be an understatement. The year was one of my worst years to date from all aspects; from health to work. But now we are in 2023 and without sounding incredibly cliche, I’m pushing for this year to be the complete opposite. I’m not usually a goals person, but this time things are changing and I’m aiming for a massive improvement from the previous year with my:

  • Health:
    • Both my physical and mental health is taking a priority. I have in the past been very relaxed with my health and prioritised other things, but this year I am challenging myself to lose weight and stay on top of my mental health.
  • Work:
    • This year I want to really make major strides with work. I’m looking by the end of the year to get a promotion and really hone in on understanding and becoming an expert with backend development.
    • I also want to build a hell of a lot more. I have a few ambitious plans, but I want to have some finished products under my belt.

That’s it really, the focus is very narrow but I know if I can hit these markers I will be setting up future Derek to have a solid a foundation to blast off from! So this is just a short entry today and hopefully when you read this next year you’ll be proud that you did all this.

Until next week/ next year!