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Tutorial hell

Hi Derek, I’ve been doing a lot of self reflection on how and why I feel like I haven’t really progressed in my career and more specifically why my confidence is still so low. Fortunately I came across a new video on youtube by bigboxswe around the concept of tutorial hell, but first…

What is tutorial hell?

Tutorial hell is the constant cycle of doing to tutorials to try and learn something new. Whether it via udemy, youtube or codecademy you’re constantly doing tutorials with the noble goal of mastering a specific technology.o

What is the issue with tutorial hell?

The problem with tutorials especially when still pretty junior in your career is that they give you a false sense of productivity. You think by following along and copying what the course guide is doing, you’re learning, but without application it’s just time wasted into the ether.

So how do you get out of tutorial hell?

So there are two things that get you out of tutorial hell.

  • Stop watching tutorials: Just stop it. Stop it now.

  • Build as many side projects as you can, without a tutorial though.

That’s the key. Explore your curiousity and google sh*t. The process of failing and debugging will make you such a better programmer.

That’s it. My aim is to break this cycle and avoid tutorials as much as possible. And hopefully I will see the progress I’m so desprate to see in myself.

Until next time.